One child missing, exploited, or abused is one too many.

The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that fights against child sexual exploitation and the disappearance of children around the world. ICMEC’s headquarters is in Alexandria, Virginia, United States, and has representation in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Kenya, the Philippines, Portugal, and Singapore. Since its founding, ICMEC has worked alongside governments, law enforcement, industry, and civil society organizations to make the world safer for children by advocating for better global and regional child protection laws, collaborating with international partners, and training professionals working with children or on the frontlines of child protection in over 120 countries.

ICMEC envisions a world where children can grow up safe from exploitation, sexual abuse, or the risk of going missing. Over twenty years ago, ICMEC was created to achieve that goal. Our mission at ICMEC is to protect children from abduction, sexual abuse and exploitation.

To learn more about the work we do, visit icmec.org.

You will be part of the European team at ICMEC, working on our European Commission-funded Projects HEROES and ALUNA.

The HEROES project (Novel Strategies to FigHt Child Sexual Exploitation and Human TRafficking Crimes and PrOtect thEir VictimS) aims to fight Trafficking of Human Beings (THB), Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) by developing a comprehensive solution that is based on three main pillars: Prevention, Investigation, and Victim Assistance. Its main objective is to develop technologies that will contribute to the effective response of stakeholders in all three components. Moreover, the project aspires to establish new innovative strategies that, in the short-, medium-, and long-term, will improve the way in which Law Enforcement and NGOs carry out criminal investigations, assist rescued victims, and prevent the occurrence of these crimes. The project started in December 2021, for a period of three years, and brings together 24 partners from Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

ALUNA, meaning “The Great Mother” in Colombia, focuses on developing child protection-based strategies to fight against sexual abuse and exploitation crimes. It expands on the research and technologies developed as part of HEROES to provide key stakeholders with the necessary tools, data, and knowledge to efficiently fight against child sexual abuse and exploitation. The project starts in June 2023, for a duration of two years, and brings together 16 partners from Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

More information on HEROES: https://heroes-fct.es


We are seeking a talented Graphic and Web Designer to join our European Commission-funded projects HEROES and ALUNA and wider NGO team. In this role, you will work closely with our VP of National Capacity Building, our HEROES / Europe Program Manager, and the ICMEC Communication Team to strengthen our web presence and create specific products in line with our projects and wider organisational goals.

This position is a key contributor to the projects and ICMEC’s web presence and our ability to reach a wide audience through web design, content management strategy, UI best practices, and component development. The position also helps fulfil organisational needs for design support on multimedia production, digital marketing ads, events, social media campaigns, and publications.

You will expand the project’s and ICMEC’s available digital layouts and designs and consistently carry the HEROES, ALUNA, and ICMEC brands throughout a wide range of standardised and custom deliverables such as event and marketing materials, email campaigns, website, landing pages, social media posts, videos and animation, and more.

The specific products that you will create include a microsite to host internet safety tips to parents and professionals with a duty of care towards children, and assist in the overall creation of online graphics and visuals for ICMEC’s projects, such as creating the ALUNA logo and branding, strengthening the HEROES project’s online presence, and communicate about both projects and ICMEC’s activities, especially on social media

Location: Remote / working from home. A plus if you are based in Europe and close to GMT/EST time zone.

Contract: full-time, two-year contract from June 2023 to June 2025, with the possibility to extend as new projects come through.


  • Work with the HEROES / Europe Program Manager and the ICMEC marketing team to fulfill the graphic and web design needs of the HEROES and ALUNA projects and of ICMEC, such as product graphics, including logos, patterns, videos, and illustrations.
  • Develop web design solutions and create user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and mockups for new websites, microsites, and landing pages.
  • Create and/or expand the digital designs HEROES, ALUNA, and ICMEC have available for a variety of mediums (website, social media, emails, etc.) and develop creative concepts and design solutions, mood boards, and mock-ups that align with the projects and ICMEC brand's goals and objectives.
  • Maintain projects and ICMEC brand, visual consistency on all websites and digital materials.
  • Stay up-to-date with design trends, best practices, and emerging technologies and recommend new strategies to improve our design approach.
  • Provide creative design solutions and support web updates to present project deliverables in the clearest, most accessible, and attractive way.
  • Maintain knowledge of current web design trends and UI design aesthetics.
  • Identify and troubleshoot UX problems using creative problem-solving (e.g., responsiveness).
  • Leverage knowledge of data analytics and visualisation to enhance content development and marketing.

Required Experience and Proficiencies:

  • Have a related degree and at least one professional experience in graphic and web design.
  • Strong technical skills in Adobe Creative Suite, especially in After Effects, Adobe Express, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • Strong understanding of market trends with an ability to easily translate and adapt to brand aesthetics.
  • Experience in branding and creating style guides.
  • Knowledge of design fundamentals such as typography, colour, composition, and hierarchy.
  • Demonstrated ability with HTML5, CSS3, Content Management Systems, and responsive web design.
  • Coding - HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Dreamweaver.
  • Programming - .net, XML/XSLT, ASP, PHP, Python, Django.
  • Content management system (CMS) - WordPress, Adobe Business Catalyst, Drupal, Joomla, Ektron, Zope.
  • Ability to innovate.
  • Ability to multitask and prioritise, manage time, workload and be self-sufficient.
  • Strong communication skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication skills, including written and verbal, as well as strong presentation skills.
  • The ability to develop designs touching upon sensitive topics such as child sexual abuse and exploration in an empowering and non-revictimising way.
  • A strong interest in children’s rights, empowering vulnerable individuals, and having a positive impact internationally.
  • Proficient in English and at least one other language, such as German, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek or French.
  • A strong portfolio that displays creativity, design skills and technical ability.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Web Design, UI/UX, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Visual Communication, or a related discipline.


  • Have at least one professional experience in graphic and web design - for instance, through a work contract, an internship, or freelance work.

How to apply:

Please submit your cover letter, resume, and two portfolio samples / books via the Breezy platform

Please send your application by 23:59 on Sunday, 4 June 2023.


ICMEC is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, disability, or other legally protected basis. All decisions regarding employment issues are based on a person’s overall qualifications and their ability to meet the position requirements.

No calls or emails, please.